Project description

Refurbishment of two commercial premises in Barcelona-El Prat Airport Terminal 2. Project in line with the city’s objective of reactivate the commercial activity and passenger traffic of the terminal.

Victoria’s Secret

  • Refurbishing of existing premises in Terminal 2 of Barcelona-El Prat Airport. Some of the tasks consisted in electrical installation, wall coverings and fire system installation.
  • Temporary store opens on December 17th. 20% of the entire shop opens its doors to the public in order to start the commercial activity while the rest of the furniture and materials arrive.
  • Due to Aena’s requirements, the works of the entire premises were completed before the opening of the temporary store.
  • Works lasted 5 weeks.
  • Full opening of the store scheduled for March 2019.

Express Dufry

  • New Duty Free store in Terminal 2 of Barcelona-El Prat Airport.
  • Refurbishment of existing commercial premises of 215 m2.
  • The construction work that took place included paving, installations, roof, facade and structural reinforcements.
  • The project had an expected duration of two months. However, despite the unforeseen contingencies related to the delay in permits and the need to carry out structural reinforcements, the work finished after six weeks.
  • The store opened its doors to the public on January 5, 2019.
  • The execution of the facade was an additional difficulty, since the works of different industrialists had to be combined in a short period of time, and coordinated with a request for changing passenger flow.


Services provided

Project Management

Year of completion


Comprehensive management of the entire project within the general airport regulation and in compliance with Barcelona-El Prat Airport requirements. Process of permits, certificates and licenses with the local authorities.