Project description

Atrio is a commercial area located in Terminal 4 of the Madrid-Barajas Airport.

  • The Atrio space is made up of six open spaces. Four of these kiosks have been built from scratch after demolition of the previous structures; another has been reformed, and the last, also of new construction, has been added to the center of the space.
  • It is a diaphanous and open space in a double height, having above only the skylights of the airport. Metal trusses have been installed hanging from the airport structure to support the canopies and roofs of the kiosks. The facilities are partially visible.
  • The kiosks are restrained and they have sinuous forms, and white and black are the main colors. The pavement marks the continuity between the Atrio space and the main shop of Dufry on the T4.
  • Atrio is a commercial area that acts as a transit area for a big part of the passenger flow of the T4. This location has been one of the greatest complexities of the project.
  • The works finished on December 20, 2018.

Comprehensive management of the entire project within the general airport regulation and in compliance with Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport requirements. Process of permits, certificates and licenses with the local authorities.



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