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in Project Management

Founded in 2009, Éxico was created to provide solutions for the different agents in the real estate sector, against a new backdrop in development, projects and investment in the real estate sector. As experts in Project Management, we work to provide our clients with the highest efficiency in the development and management of projects and assets in real estate, both nationally and internationally.

Our mission

To become an integral part of every project we undertake, providing the value of our experience and committing to our client’s success beyond any established requirements.

Our services
  • Project Management
  • Technical Projects
  • Coordination Team for Exclusive Building Works
  • International Technical Support
  • Technical Support
Our team
  • Architects
  • Technical architects
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Draftsmen
  • Administrative officers
  • Salespeople
Sectors in which we work
  • Industrial / Logistics
  • Commercial
  • Tertiary / Offices
  • Residential
  • Other sectors
International presence
  • Madrid – Our headquarters in Spain
  • Bella Vista – Our headquarters in Panama
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Comprehensive Project Management since 2009

Our headquarters in Spain

Éxico was created in 2009 in Madrid, founded as a result of a new scenario in the real estate market that had emerged over recent years and, especially, the situation that had occurred in Spain.

Although founded with a distinct Spanish character and entrepreneurial spirit, the company aims to act as a bridge to other countries and foreign and domestic investors in Spain and abroad.

It has two clearly differentiated areas within the same structure: real estate and technical. The company manages projects and technical services in the real estate, construction, engineering and architecture sectors.

International expansion

Our headquarters in Panama

In 2016, Éxico established the company Éxico Construction Management together with other partners to carry out the construction of the Bosques de Arraiján project. Initially, it was formed by a local team with the capacity to execute 318 homes, including urbanization and other services typical of a residential area. Subsequently, the company was restructured under the name Éxico Project Management and with the vision of leading the integral management of real estate projects in Panama and Latin America.

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International presence

4 continents, over 20 countries.

Éxico works with international clients and has carried out projects in over 20 countries throughout its history. Our international experience allows us to adapt to the needs of the client and the project, as well as the regulations and culture of each country.

Mapa internacional Éxico
Éxico España
Éxico Panamá
Vanocuver, Canadá
San Francisco, Estados Unidos
Los Ángeles, Estados Unidos
Nueva York, Estados Unidos
Houston, Estados Unidos
Los Cabos, México
Cuernavaca, México
Bogotá, Colombia
Lima, Perú
Londres, Reino Unido
Estocolmo, Suecia
Helsinki, Finlandia
París, Francia
Nápoles, Italia
Astaná, Kazajstan
Ammán, Jordania
Marrakech, Marruecos
Riad, Arabia Saudí
Mecca, Arabia Saudí
Abu Dabi, Emiratos Árabes Unidos
Sarja, Emiratos Árabes Unidos
Malabo, Guinea Ecuatorial

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