Travel retail: creating synergies in commerce and tourism

In a world in which we are increasingly moving, the retail sector has seen an opportunity to grow by and take advantage of the waits between flights, or at train stations. It is called travel retail, and during 2017 it billed 70,000 million dollars worldwide, positioning itself as one of the pillars of the tourism industry. At Éxico, we have…

The role of ECOP in the proper functioning of Shopping Centers

The Coordination Team for Exclusive Building Works (ECOP, its acronym in Spanish) is a team of technicians hired by the property who work to ensure the proper functioning of exclusive building works in spaces destined to multiple shops or companies, such as shopping centers. The ECOP is key both in the opening of new shopping centers and in the maintenance…

From small shops to large commercial areas

Towards a new real estate model for Asian shops   Since their arrival in Spain in the 90s, retail stores of diverse, inexpensive products manufactured in China have become regular shops in our cities. Over time, they have consolidated as businesses, and today they aim to attract a wider public. They have made the leap from small shops directed to…