Infographic: The physical store and e-commerce

The rise of e-commerce is causing a paradigm shift in retail. How do the physical store and the phenomenon of online commerce coexist? We break down four of its main points in the following infographic. Read more about the synergies between e-commerce and the physical store in our blog:

Infographic: New technologies in the contruction industry

In recent years, new technologies have marked the trend of evolution in all industries. Their various applications reduce costs and increase the profitability of processes. In the following infographic you can see the main trends in construction and real estate industries, and some of the most popular examples of proptech.

Infographic: Hotel repositioning, what is it?

Hotel repositioning goes beyond a mere reform of the hotel. It is a deep and transversal change that crosses all areas of the company. It consists of adapting the building to the new regulations, but also of completely rethinking the business strategy.