The role of ECOP in the proper functioning of Shopping Centers

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The Coordination Team for Exclusive Building Works (ECOP, its acronym in Spanish) is a team of technicians hired by the property who work to ensure the proper functioning of exclusive building works in spaces destined to multiple shops or companies, such as shopping centers. The ECOP is key both in the opening of new shopping centers and in the maintenance of those that are already open, due to the tenants’ reforms and rehabilitations and to their turnover.

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The work the ECOP does is key to ensure that the works each of the tenants do in their commercial premises are carried out in compliance with the center’s regulations, from adjusting to the established aesthetic to complying with safety regulations.

The ECOP consists of a team of technical specialists, and for this reason the shopping center will usually outsource this service to engineering and real estate services companies, as is the case of Éxico. The ultimate goal of these specialists is to achieve the success of both the tenants’ projects and the shopping center’s general project, facilitating the obtention of licenses, the installation of supplies, the opening of the premises on time and their integration in the shopping center.

Laying the foundation – establishing the shopping center’s regulations

When working with new shopping centers, one of the functions that the ECOP can take on is advising the shopping center in the drafting of the technical and aesthetic specifications to which the tenants will have to adhere. The ECOP is also usually responsible for drafting an informative practical guide for tenants. In addition to information on the technical and aesthetic conditions, the tenants are informed about how the construction process will work, licenses and permits required for opening their premises, installation of supplies and safety, cleaning and traffic regulations, during the works.

How the ECOP functions

The ECOP oversees the private building works of each tenant, starting by reviewing the plans and civil works projects. If changes occur, either due to technical issues or for other reasons, the ECOP will revise the modifications and must approve them again.

Mercadona, Lidl and McFit gym, three private spaces in the Alcalá Atenea shopping center

Mercadona, Lidl and McFit gym, three private spaces in the Alcalá Atenea shopping center.

Once the project starts, the ECOP will supervise that everything is done as agreed and will ensure that the premises receive the necessary supplies during the building works and that the debris is removed properly. It is also the ECOP that supervises all the documentation and ensures that the property receives all licenses and documents after the completion of the works.

Beyond the requirements: working for the success of the tenants and the center

Although the ECOP represents the shopping center property, the team of technicians works with the ultimate goal of achieving the success of the individual projects, which will have an impact on the success of the shopping center. At Éxico, our involvement in our clients’ projects is one of our distinctive attributes, and through our technical capacity and our commitment, we work closely with the center and with the tenants to ensure the premises open in time, they integrate correctly in the center and they obtain all necessary licenses, while guaranteeing the workers and the shoppers safety, facilitating the movement of people and avoiding inconveniences for the other shops present in the center.

Beyond complying with standards, our ECOP works to obtain and maintain smooth operation in shopping centers.