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PROJECT Management

Management of the entire process through to completion for undertaking and implementing the customer’s possible projects. From finding locations, land, premises, offices, selecting external architect or engineer teams, assisting in the selection of potential suppliers (such as construction companies), selecting various related industrial companies through to completion and opening of the project in question.



Éxico Management offers customers all its knowledge about the property market. Its reports are a leading reference for rental and sale prices, especially for industrial premises and buildings, but also for office buildings, land prices and values.

Éxico Management is completely independent from real estate company interests and shares no corporate purpose with them.



Comprehensive management of all types of real estate assets.

Up-to-date rental and sale valuations, especially for office buildings, industrial buildings, commercial premises and leisure centres.  Net land valuation. Éxico Management’s reports are a leading reference for customers. Market studies by area. Search for potential investors. Optimising use and maintenance of facilities.



Éxico provides these services acting as a sole agent with the customer, independently undertaking the entire process to completion and through to the final opening, without the involvement of other agents. This alleviates the customer’s administrative burden so that it can concentrate on other tasks. It is highly recommended for small or relatively low-cost projects in which implementation deadlines are especially relevant.



  • Technical assistance
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Éxico Management acts as an external agent, an independent advisory body for its customers, to monitor the construction process, comparing the progress of the work with its experience in similar jobs, providing monthly or weekly reports and visiting the different agents over the established period. Location of potential trouble spots to help address them in advance and provide possible solutions. Éxico Management has an experienced technical team and specialises in the different areas of the real estate industry in order to provide technical advice with the guarantee its customers require. This activity is always coordinated and supported by the technical office team. The company drafts public and private reports regarding possible investments and data checks and authentication.

It manages the different administrative licences for a project: from licensing new plants through to activity and operating licences for any business.

Éxico Management has great administrative capacity for providing its services in Spain and abroad.

It monitors the need for proceedings before public administrations, such as a project within an airport space or submitting an environmental impact study.

Implementation of projects for building a new plant or renovation, structural reinforcement or demolition of an existing one. Urban development projects and specific facilities. Technical projects undertaking the functions of construction management and implementation.

Control of certification completely independently of construction companies.

ÉXICO defines and determines the technical requirements of works to be carried out and justifies the proposed solutions according to recruiting ordinances and specifications required under applicable regulations.

Provision of services coordinating exclusive works of the different and potential tenants or lessees of buildings for business premises. The Exclusive Works Coordination Team is dimensioned according to the volume of spaces and premises to be managed or implemented.





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